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The We-Wah model

We-Wah is based on a tried and tested model used primarily in individual couple therapy. We-Wah is for couples who are willing to get married within 1 year. This program ensures that any issues that may arise in your future marriage get resolved in a healthy manner before you enter matrimony. During your time at We-Wah, you will go through a process that is not only scientific, but also efficient and will bring you closer as a couple. We conduct 1 program of We-Wah only for 6 couples. This includes a group workshop, as well as individual couple therapy for each and every couple.


A highly standardised assessment is given to the couple before they even start the program. This assessment shows your individual as well as couple dynamics. The assessment will tell you about your communication, conflict resolution style, satisfaction with partner's habits, satisfaction with family & friends, financial management, sexual expectations, spiritual beliefs, marital expectations, roles played in the relationship, level of satisfaction with your partner's character traits.


With the help of this assessment, our Trainer will map areas in your relationship that can be stronger and also help you use the areas which are already strong for you.


Some couples are skeptical about the assessment, because they fear they might learn something about their relationship that they are not ready for. So, at We-Wah, we do not share your results with you until the end of the program. We just help you work through all these areas to create a beautiful bond and relationship so that you are prepared for a healthy marriage. The assessment is only for the purpose of our trainer to chart your program in a more specific manner.


Each module is designed using the philosophy from well known schools of couple therapy. Each and every module is highly goal-driven and works on various aspects of marriage that will help couples tackle situations sooner rather than later. 

The modules are spread across 8 days (6 hours a day) throughout 2 months. It is an intensive program, where couples can come together and with the help of exercises designed by our trainers, will go through a series of steps with each other, with each step moving towards commencing the creation of a long lasting bond. 

Individual couple counselling is a part of this program and couples will go through 2 sessions. Here, exceptional issues or unique problems will be addressed and couples can learn to work their way through these as well. Your assessment results will also be discussed during one of these sessions.

There will be a follow up after a month, where further guidance will be given.

To know more about the modules, please feel free to contact us!

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