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Media Mentions

In collaboration with First Cry Intelli, Sonal Sonawani conducted a live session on "importance of developing social-emotional skills in children" on 10th January, 2023
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In collaboration with Online Parenting Summit, 2021, the biggest parenting summit in India, Sonal Sonawani, along with esteemed panelists, discuss the future of education in India amidst lockdown effects
In collaboration with First Cry Intelli, Sonal Sonawani speaks about different kinds of learning difficulties and how you can help your child to cope with them by increasing emotional intelligence.
In collaboration with iTeach schools, Sonal Sonawani addressed an audience regarding how we can look at the year 2020 from a different perspective, in Umang leadership talk series!
In collaboration with FIRST CRY Intelli, Sonal Sonawani talks about how to build your child's emotional intelligence at home during lockdown, using play therapy techniques!
In collaboration with Play.Yay, hear Sonal Sonawani walk about how women can manage their stress during and after lockdown, and how they can improve their relationship with their spouse during this period
Watch Sonal Sonawani talk about the mindset of voters during the election period
Miss Sonal Sonawani who is a practicing psychologist and specializes in depression, anxiety and relationship management discusses about various relationship issues and how to deal with them better.
Sonal Sonawani, psychologist specialising in anxiety, depression and relationship management live for Uddeshya Mumbai answering questions on mental health.
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FOX Story India

May, 2024

Sonal Sonawani honoured as 50 under 50 Empowered Indians by FOX Story India

In May 2024, Sonal Sonawani got listed as 50 under 50 empowered Indians for her contribution to the field of Mental Health

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Brilliant Read


An exclusive interview with Sonal Sonawani and her journey

Know more about Sonal Sonawani-Psychologist, Author, Relationship expert and Entrepreneur


Femina Magazine


Sonal Sonawani speaks about issues in long term relationships and how to tackle them

Challenges of a long term relationship and how to tackle them


Times of India 2021

CEDAR and its team in the news for their work in COVID times through free counselling sessions

Therapists offer free counselling to those who have lost loved ones in this pandemic


Free Press Journal 2020

Sonal Sonawani quoted on grieving after losing a loved one in Free Press Journal

After model Divya Agarwal was trolled due to posting images of herself enjoying after her father's demise, psychologists talk about different ways of grieving


Mid Day 2020

Sonal Sonawani quoted on healing through sexual abuse for parents

After Ira Khan disclosed about her sexual harassment, psychologists have given their expert opinion on how to handle it as a parent

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Times of India 2019

CEDAR hosts a talk on depression

'Let's Talk Depression', a free talk arranged by Centre for Depression Anxiety Relationships(CEDAR)




An exclusive interview with Sonal Sonawani

" These days people suffer from loneliness and depression. Personal relationships are also a reason for depression. Another reason for depression is work or being in the wrong career ", says Sonal.

Image by Sean Stratton

Femina 2018

Sonal Sonawani quoted in Femina magazine about how to date an introvert

The extrovert needs to understand that though there will be initial resistance when the introvert meets their friend circle, they will get comfortable after the first few times.

Sonal Fox story.JPG

Pune Mirror 2018

Sonal Sonawani quoted on couple therapy

Many couples neglect to ask themselves these questions before taking the plunge, which is a big reason why many long term relationships fail.

Image by Simon Maage

Mumbai Mirror 2018

Sonal Sonawani quoted on how to revive a long lost friendship

Most suffer from ‘mindreading’, a flaw in our thought process that leads us to assume what the other might be thinking.

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Pune Mirror 2016

Sonal Sonawani quoted on how does the mind of a gaming addict works

Sonal believes that for a gaming addict,this virtual persona works as an escape mechanism.

Anchor 1
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